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1. What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the act of preparing and showcasing a house for sale to attract the largest pool of prospective buyers. Staging helps sell a home quickly and for top dollar.

2. Why Should I Use a Home Staging Service?

A professional home stager can look at your home with the critical buyer’s eye and will give you expert home staging guidance in order for your home to compete in the real estate market. Staging depersonalizes the space and arranges it to suggest a lifestyle appealing to the greatest possible number of potential buyers. Home staging is not a decoration exercise: it is a marketing strategy.

3. How Much Will Staging Cost Me?

Less than your first price reduction. The cost depends on many factors such as size of property and the amount of furniture and accessories needed to showcase you home.

4. My Home is Vacant. Should it be Staged?

Yes, because 98% of home buyers can not visualize how a space can be used. An empty room can feel smaller than it actually is, and looks cold and uninviting. With staging we can create a warm and inviting home that buyers can imagine living in.

5. Why Spend Money on a Home I am Planning to Sell?

Staging is a cost-effective method to maximize the return on you biggest investment- your home.

6. How Long Does Staging Take?

The initial consultation with take between one and two hours. The actual staging will take one day.

7. How do We Get Started?

Click here to arrange an appointment. During the initial consultation we will make notes, formulate a design plan and take photographs. We will prepare a proposal which will be emailed to you or your listing agent. Once the proposal is approved, we will email you a contract. Upon receiving a signed contract from you we will begin to prepare for your staging by selecting furnishings and accessories tailored to your home. All fees should be paid before the staging date. On the scheduled staging day we install furniture and accessories that will make your home showcase ready.